How To Choose The Right Tanning Spray Equipment

May 10, 2014 in beauty

At the moment the beauty products industry realizes new products that are coming on the market. Ways of attaining a sunless tan is currently the trend within the beauty and cosmetic circles. Sprays and creams are some of the commonly used skin care products used to achieve this tan. Dihydroxyacetone – DHA is the all important ingredient in most of these products that cause the tan. Special application equipment like the tanning spray equipment is used in this treatment process.

The tanning spray equipment is used in various ways. At salons or similar beauty outlets are tanning booths fitted with different types of tan applicator equipment. Generally, many of them are sprayers that play an important part during the sunless tan treatment process. These booths are served by sprayers that are appropriately fitted and eject the tanning compound in a misty composition over your body eventually resulting in an evenly achieved tan.

Typically, when the spraying process is taking place, the whole body is completely covered with the tanning compound. This will result in your skin having an even tan. Such tanning spray equipment is fitted in the tanning booth and will consist of the airbrush tanning system. This is a specifically designed tannin compound dispenser system that has an air gun connected to the compressor.

The airbrush system is capable of applying the tanning compound over your body very quickly. In fact by using this tanning spray equipment you can get a tan application in just five minutes. This makes it suitable for use at home. Furthermore, the air brush tanning kit is another appropriate set of gadgets that can be used at home for treatment purposes.

The air cap is an important component of such a system. This is what is used to produce three inches patterns during the tan application process. Furthermore, this component can be adapted to accomplish a sculpting over your body. The size and weight makes tanning spray equipment very handy and suitable for home as well as salon use for that express tanning process.

For commercial purposes you will probably have tanning spray equipment such as the professional air brush tan system. Such tanning spray equipment constitutes a powerful compressor with attached sprayers and a reservoir where the tanning compound is stored. The sprayers can be suitably fitted in a tanning booth. Because of a more powerful compressor system the tanning compound will be vaporized more effectively thereby covering the body and cause it to tan quickly and evenly.

Furthermore, for commercial purposes you can also have the spray gun sunless kit. Such tanning spray equipment includes a fast sprayer system that will include an air brush bronzing kit. With the powerful compressor this system can be used in spas and salons to give effective results. The accompanying sprayers will support the tanning kit to ensure that the tanning spray equipment works to your expectations.

As the sunless tanning products demand increases manufacturers of associated gadgets like the tanning spray equipment are working towards matching this demand. This is intended to deliver quality outcomes. Various factors should be considered when ordering such gadgets apart from determining the purpose that can either be for home or commercial.

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