Thirty best beauty tips for college students

February 20, 2013 in make up

The educational expense of college is increasing day by day. Tuition cost now crossing beyond limit. College textbook costs are way out of proportion to books you would buy in a bookstore. You also have to pay dorm rent. You also need food, clothes and entertainment for your living. A budget is hardly needed to control your expenses and need to always stick to it. That really comes into play when you are thinking about your beauty.

Tips to manage your budget for cosmetic and hair repairing after completing your necessary expense and have a pedicure sometimes?

You need to begin with your diet plan. To keep your valuable hair smooth and supple some necessary vital you need to take for your hair as well as skin. Make sure you are taking the right things for you which will help you to go a long way as well as it is not that much costly. It is far cheaper than hair treatments. Be sure and drink plenty of water too. That helps clean out the toxins you build up over the week.

There will be no girl who doesn’t want to seem attractive. It is tough to bear the expense of cosmetic when you are a college going girl. Use lipstick rather that lots of cosmetics. It is a bit bolder and it accents your face. Light pink or gentle beige is perfect for you. It is easy to apply and costs very little. Buy glossy lipstick whenever you want gloss. Regularly using mascara coupon can save you big bucks in the long run.

You diet can also help you to keep your nail pretty. Garlic, onion and nuts containing items can keep your nails healthy. They will give strength to the nails as well. You can try this trick. Chopped garlic can easily give you clear base polish. If you want to see your nails look great for a short period this tips will be helpful.

Winter makes skin dry. To remove dryness of your skin lotion can be made helpful for you. One tip that doesn’t cost so much and works very well is to rub the outside of a lemon on your skin. According to some beauty experts such as Macrene-Alexiades-Armenakas of, it might sting just a bit but it works wonders for your skin.

Turning to the hair again, you can add oil to your hair and make it look nice. If you use a lot more oil that it is needed then it will have a sticky look. You will get olive oil formula in certain hair conditioners that provides you with this effect. Those who have extra long or medium hair they need to have some extra care for their valuable hair and it definitely brings wonder for your looks.

Going to college is expensive. Everybody wants to see themselves beautiful but doesn’t not want to expense cash, for those this tips will be helpful.

Wow, thanks for reading. I’m currently in school and plan to graduate eventually. If you want to see more, go to my work at school bucket list.

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