Pamper Your Children with an Ultimate Birthday Party in Gold Coast

November 10, 2012 in facial

Birthday parties are excellent for introducing your child and her friends to a fun pampering experience. Mobile spa services such as Inertia Massage allow bookings for a custom birthday party in Gold Coast that comes to the home or a party venue, offering tons of options for pampering, including an ultimate package.

The ultimate party package offers parties for six guests or more, with two therapists on hand to make sure that all girls are pampered and receive the same amount of attention for a happy party. Having two therapists instead of one ensures that there are better resources and time available to keep everyone entertained.

As a souvenir of the special day, every guest gets to keep her own jewellery kit for making lovely keepsake bead bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Girls also get to keep their own nail polish and nail file or a princess tiara with lip-gloss.

The birthday girl herself gets to keep a birthday gift, a soft feather boa and her very own birthday tiara as a reminder of her day. She also gets to play Singstar Karaoke as an exciting party game, along with the rest of her party guests.

For pampering parties, girls can enjoy an ultimate mini manicure-pedicure session. Manicures offer filing and buffing for super clean nails, then nail polish in a variety of colours that each girl chooses for herself. Pedicures offer all the same perks, plus a foot spa for some clean, bubbly fun. After the polish dries, girls can decorate their toes and fingers with a selection of sweet decals.

After the manicures and pedicures, girls get to relax on a professional beauty table and experience their own facial treatment with their choice of a chocolate, raspberry or smoothie facial mask. This also includes a steamed towel treatment, organic moisturizing with a dew moisturizer and a relaxing hand massage.

The party wraps up by giving each girl her own gorgeous sparkling makeup in glittery pinks and shimmering purples, with a choice of blush, lip-gloss, shadow and even hairspray. Girls will love coordinating their makeup with the bright colours they have chosen for their mini manicures and pedicures, and will love having the choice to make themselves look grown-up.

After enjoying a day of pampering and princess treatment, each girl will leave the party excited for their next spa experience to enjoy some more pampering. The ultimate party package provides a great party experience that every girl will remember as casual, fun and enjoyable.

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