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October 16, 2012 in women hair loss

Did you know that as many as 40% of all individuals afflicted with thinning hair are women? This can be particularly surprising when you look throughout society. It seems like you can spot balding men everywhere. But it’s almost an anomaly to see a balding woman. The truth is, however, women simply lose their hair differently than men do. Their hair thins all across the entire scalp. With men, the hair loss is generally more concentrated in one location. For this reason, male hair loss is generally more obvious than female hair loss. But it’s certainly no more serious. Quite to the contrary. Let’s take a closer look at the often misunderstood world of women’s hair loss.

Females of nearly every age, including young ladies and teens, can lose their hair. By the same token, race is not really an issue, as women from all across the world are afflicted. Depending on the kind of hair loss you’re experiencing, the condition can be extreme or mild. Fortunately, many kinds of women’s hair loss are only temporary. Commonly, the challenge will subside at such a time that hormonal balance is reinstituted.

There exist various potential reasons for female hair loss. From your hormones and genetics to anxiety and reactions to certain medications, there are plenty of common ways to part with your hair! Researching the precise causes which have brought on your particular kind of hair loss should be thought of as the first step toward finding an effective solution. Let’s get a brief peek at a number of potential causes right now…

The very first thing you’ll probably want to take a look at is your stress level. There is a direct correlation between thinning hair and high levels of emotional stress. If your job is incredibly demanding and you always experience lots of anxiety at work, you may have found your culprit right there! Finding ways to reduce your stress can put your body back in balance, and your hair on the fast track to full restoration.

Unsupportive dietary habits can also contribute to hair loss in very significant fashion. Your hair needs to eat, too! And there are very specific nutrients, such as magnesium, biotin, copper, and zinc, that your hair needs to thrive. A diet deficient in any of these essential nutrients can cause your hair to thin in very short order. Also, be sure that you’re keeping yourself adequately hydrated each day.

Hormones can play a major role in female hair loss. Too much testosterone can lead to overproduction of the androgen DHT. Women who take birth control, or who are pregnant can experience all kinds of adverse side effects, hair loss being one of them. Take a look at your medications and lifestyle. Have blood work done. You really need to know where you stand hormonally, as this may just be the cause of your hair loss.

Sadly, not all cases of female hair loss can be prevented. Androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, is a genetic condition that is passed down through the generations within your family. In some cases, a woman’s thinning locks is simply a case of “dumb luck.” The good news is that this is oftentimes a treatable condition. There are many products and procedures on the market designed to combat this type of hair loss.

Luckily, there are a few treatments designed to slow, stop, and even reverse various forms of female hair loss. Some of these tools are surgical in nature. Others are medical. There are also a few well-revered over the counter treatments which may be of interest to you. And if all else fails, there are a few sneaky ways that you can hide your condition from the public eye.

Wigs, hats and hair extensions may be your first line of defense against female baldness. Why? Because they work instantly, of course! This is really worth mentioning, as you need to know that all hope is not lost. You can instantly regain your confidence while in the process of seeking out actual treatment options.

A 2% minoxidil solution is something you should very seriously consider investing in. This is the ideal strength for women. If you don’t know what minoxidil is, it’s simply a topical solution that you apply to the scalp each day. It was originally used as a blood pressure treatment, because it dilated the blood vessels. But it was soon discovered that excess hair growth was a very commonly occuring “unwanted” side effect. Shortly thereafter, it hit the market as the only FDA approved treatment for both male and female hair loss.

There are many types and causes of female hair loss. Fortunately, there are also a few proven ways to disguise and even treat this condition.

There are a number women’s hair loss products which have regularly produced promising results for their users. Women’s Provillus is one of these.

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