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July 18, 2012 in women hair loss

The uses for coconut oil on your hair cannot be underestimated at any cost. Generations of South Pacific and South America’s have benefited from the impressive effects of this great organic substance on their hair. The vitamin E and lauric acid contained in the oil makes it an excellent conditioner for hair. However, the uses of it go beyond the usual positive effects on just the hair and include nourishment of the scalp as well. The consequence is thicker and stronger hair with absolutely no split ends as well as a well-nourished, dandruff-free scalp. No wonder it is not unusual to see those pictures of Polynesian women displaying their long soft and shiny hair owing to their free use of this magical organic substance.

Pure (organic) coconut oil for your hair is considered especially good. In fact, most exclusive hair conditioners and shampoos today make wide use of it to increase their trademark value. One of the benefits it has for hair is that it delays the graying process and also thickens hair strands right from their top to the ends. It is important here to mention that treatment of hair using the oil should begin as soon as you notice any signs of hair growing thinner. When hair starts to thin, there is the possibility that the hair may start to grow out of proportion and the follicles will lose their capacity to regenerate hair thus causing permanent hair loss.

Lauric acid works by battle off fungi and harmful bacteria that are causes for countless irritations and skin infections. Thus, using coconut oil provides nourishment to the skin and keeps it from drying which leads to the development of eczema, psoriasis, dandruff etc. Benefits in using the oil becomes particularly evident when there is a high risk of experiencing split ends or hair loss due to recurrent exposure to hair irons, blow dryers, perms, and color treatments. In addition, it contains vitamin E with its healing and antioxidant properties. Thus, these two components make an excellent combination to offer the best possible treatment for your hair with the additional benefit of leaving your hair with a soothing coconut smell that will last for hours.

Other benefits include its moisturizing characteristics. Best part about the oil is that it is different than most water-based skin products, since it does not evaporate after a period of time. This is primarily due to its antioxidant features.

There are various ways coconut oil can be integrated in your daily routine hair. The easiest way is to purchase some pure virgin organic oil and apply it directly onto the scalp on a regular basis or blend it with your hair conditioner or shampoo. Another more expensive and but simpler way to avail its use is to purchase a hair product that contains it in a pure and unrefined form. However, be careful that the product does not use the oil in a hydrogenated or processed form, since most of the crucial components of the natural substance will have been processed out.

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