What Gemstone Is For The February Birth Stone

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In line with the Gregorian Calender, the February birth stone is Amethyst. Part of the ‘Water Bearer’ sign of Aquarius (Jan 21st – Feb 19th) this stone promotes healing and comes with a rich, historical meaning. This precious gem is also an important feature of Greek mythology.

Initially, birth stones received a bad public reaction as they were devised by the American National Association of Jewellers as a commercial venture. The list was produced in 1912 in Kansas City, Missouri and included one gemstone for each month of the year. Despite the fundamental reaction, this list is still valid to this day.

Amethyst is a crystallized quartz of silicon dioxide origin. It is most regularly available in shades of lilac, red, and purple, which was originally linked to religion, sorrow, and bereavement. It is currently only mined in parts of South America and Africa and has since gained an almost royal status due to the difficulties in producing the color purple, and as a result is linked more to power and riches.

Amethyst is associated with the power to heal migraine, joint conditions, sleeplessness, and most notably, withdrawal of addiction. ‘Amethystos’ is Greek for ‘remedy for drunkenness’ and explains where the name the ‘Sobriety Stone’ may have originated. Using a glass made from the gemstone is said to enhance the owner’s business acumen and success.

In Greek mythology, Bacchus and the goddess Diana clashed over a young woman called Amethyst. Angry at mortals, Bacchus declared to feed the next mortal he saw to tigers. Goddess Diana tried to protect the woman by changing her into a pillar when she came to worship her. Bacchus saw that Diana was attempting to spare the fate of the woman. He saw the error of his ways and as a gesture of goodwill, covered the pillar in wine, coloring it purple, like amethyst.

This gemstone holds many connotations, seen as the gift given for 17th wedding anniversaries alongside aiding the bearer with peace, strength, and courage in their life. By heating the gem it produces a yellow hue known as ‘Burnt Amethyst’, the largest of which, at 343 carats, is on display in the Natural History Museum in London today.

As the owner of the February birth stone, bearers can expect assistance with a collection of ailments, inability to become too drunk, and a peace and stability in their life.

Now you can find unique and beautiful jewelry that will set a February birth stone apart. Distinctive birth stone pieces that will fit the needs of any fussy shopper can be easily found.

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