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Freelife International are a health & wellness company and a very well respected one, they’ve experienced impressive growth since their launch in 1995. So much so that they were the youngest company to be featured on the front cover of the popular ‘Success’ magazine publication! The achievements and track history of a company is always an important thing to consider before joining.

FreeLife are based in Phoenix, Arizona but also operate in 26 other countries across the globe. This business is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which goes a long way for credibility, they were originally founded by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier, both men are CEO and President respectively. Rays mother suffered from osteoporosis for a long time but quickly recovered after the use of natural nutritional supplements, since the age of 15 he carried with him the inspiration and vision to share with the world the benefits of these supplements. Co founder Kevin Fournier holds a degree in Economics and is also a board member of the Direct Selling Association. It’s safe to say there is some great leadership heading up FreeLife International.

The Product Range

You will find a whole range that you can choose from. Every company has a flagship or premier product and FreeLife’s is their supper juice ‘GoChi’. It is a blend of nutrients and anti oxidants designed to provide you with essential supplementation, protect from free radicals, reduce stress levels and improve general performance and sleep. Their weight loss programme, TAIslim is also very popular along with REVERSE, which is their Anti-Aging Formula. The products have been used in clinical trials and proved to be effective, there’s also a scientific advice board which develops all the products in the FreeLife range.

The goji berry is used a lot in their products and for good reason! It’s well known to have significant anti aging properties and also helps the body generally perform better, it’s often found in Chinese soil.

The FreeLife International Business Opportunity

You will pay a fee to the company to become a distributor and you can then start building your business. You will need to sign up with someone already in the company and they will be your upline, otherwise go to the company and they will find you a sponsor. You will be paid through FreeLife’s unilevel comp plan which allows you to make promotional, immediate income from retailing the products. But the real power comes from creating a team of active distributors underneath you, so that you get paid on their sales volume also.

Advancement, matching, quick start & fast start bonuses will help put more money in your pocket if you qualify. If you ever make it to the top of the pay plan in FreeLife then you can expect to earn an average of $670,000 each year based on figures produced by the company. Needless to say that very few people ever make it that far. Most distributors in the company are at the bottom levels of the pay plan and earning around $300 each year.

To make any significant income from network marketing there is a lot of work involved, unless you get lucky and recruit some superstars that build massive teams and push you to the top.

You are going to need a regular flow of MLM leads to your business if you are really going to make this work. It seems the majority of distributors in this business are indeed struggling to find enough people to talk to about their business. A lot of folks are relying on their list of family, friends and acquaintances and this is not going to produce any significant results. You need to find a way to be bringing in new leads every day if possible.

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