Using Your Cellphone in Class and Academics

February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Few years ago, it was very obvious that the set of phones available were never suitable for use in our school systems. During the period under review, these phones constituted nuisances rather than help in the academic pursuit of their users. There was also this issue of the phone being used more as a status ware then than the problem solving device it is now.

The set of smart phones in the market which this device is among are now designed with an avalanche of programs to support the act of learning. The numerous features of this device can be used by you for your benefit in the class as well as outside the class. This phone use and importance in the academic sector is very versatile. It is not quarantined to any class or grade or even academic level. The phone can be used by those in the advanced learning institutions like the Masters and Doctorate degree students. Undergraduate students can also benefit from this phone. The college and secondary school students can also use it to enhance and make learning easier. This smart phone is very delicate and it should be noted that to protect them with the use of the HTC Vivid accessories will be very good. Due to the normal rowdy and hostile class environment, you will be in need of the screen protector and a case. By doing so you will get a better hold on your phone.

In school, this smart phone helps in the aspects of History and Geography. They will do this by using the GPS and mapping system to give the students a live and memorable show of those things they are taught about weather, cities and the geography of places. In context to history, maps can be accessed really easily by the students. The next GPS area is that you use this smart phone to let them know about the cities that has the happenings they are taught in History.

This phone can also assist you in making different calculations. These calculations are very much needed in the solving of equations in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The advanced second function calculator usage in the secondary school Mathematics is effectively captured in this smart phone. The fact that this phone has a recording capacity that is so great is another advantage. Videos of excursions and picnics can be captured by the use of this phone. You can also use them to capture the activities that you are meant to learn as it concerns chemical and lab experiments. You can also make a recording of the lecture being delivered in class by the professor for your reference in future and also for making notes.

Other application useful for students in way of planning and scheduling their routine are the calendar, alarm clock, organizer, to do list, memos and reminders. By using these applications you will always be on time for every lecture. Daily exercise can also be carried out by using this phone.

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