A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Botox Injections

January 20, 2012 in beauty

As more becomes known about the advantages of Botox injections, millions of people are learning about the many health-related therapies that can make use of the substance. The toxin has long been considered an effective way to ease age-related wrinkles, but is now being heralded for these additional benefits.

Defining the treatment

The actual product is a well-known brand name, but most people have little knowledge as to what the substance actually is. The actual compound is made from the botulinum toxin, which is also the same bacteria that can lead to botulism. When applied in small doses, however, this toxin has a number of beneficial properties.

Understanding the process

Wrinkles are not actually removed when these toxins are introduced into the body. Rather, the botulinum compound acts as a temporary paralyzing agent that stops nerve signals that sometimes create muscle tension. This has the effect of creating a relaxed state in the muscles, while easing skin tension in the injected area. As a result, wrinkles become smoother and less noticeable.

To maintain this effect, treatments must be administered every few months. Otherwise, the muscles and skin resort to their prior state. Still, with ongoing therapy several times each year, most people can enjoy a dramatic reduction in wrinkles, as well as firmer looking skin.

Other benefits

As noted, the botulinum toxin can be of benefit in other areas as well. For example, its proven ability to temporarily paralyze nerves and muscles makes it an invaluable treatment for a variety of muscle aches, headaches, and other minor pain. It has also proven useful for controlling spasms and twitching.

In short, the toxin has far reaching benefits that most people seldom consider. As both age-fighting tools and therapy for certain types of pain and discomfort, Botox injections have proven their value time and time again.

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