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Most people have aspirations for the future. Some people plan out their lives in elaborate detail from an early age, while others just dream that their dreams will come true. I think that that depends on the attitude to life you have as much as your personality. I definitely remember when I was a boy, that some of the girls I knew when I was a boy, planning what they would do when they got married to so and so movie star.

They did not know much about marriage or what being married was like, they were just role playing, but some of those dreams might have stuck.

None of the boys I knew thought about their future much at all. I did not either really although I knew that I wanted to go to university and travel after that. I studied French and German for three years and passed my exams.

After finishing university, I began working for an international firm and did some traveling. I have always liked jewellery although I do not wear a lot at the same time. I suppose I collect jewellery, but I like to wear it as well.

It was a practice of mine to buy a piece wherever I went, if I saw something I liked and if I could afford it. Anyway, I met a young lady while I was in America and I told her about my craze for collecting jewellery and rings in particular. I showed her a couple of rings that I had taken with me. One was a ring with a Celtic Knot design and another was an Irish Claddagh ring.

Anyway, we got on well and she offered to take me to a jewellers that she knew. We went to a small back street jeweller, who had a range of rings I had never heard of before. They were called Black Hills Gold Rings and they looked very special. They have quite a range, including a lot of the common designs, but they also have a few kinds that I had never seen before. I was hooked and wanted one.

My friend really fell for a women’s wedding set. She had seen it in the window for months, but did not have anyone to give it to her. The engagement ring had two leaves and a grape cluster with a small diamond nestled in the middle of it, while the wedding band had two additional leaves and a grape cluster. This meant that when worn together, the two rings would fit together to surround the diamond completely. It was very beautiful.

I had to agree that it was very beautiful, but felt it necessary to point out that I had not known her long enough to propose. She was a good sort and did not feel affronted. I bought a striking white gold ring with the Black Hills gold roses inlaid on the top two thirds of the band, leaving the underside of the ring plain. It was a gorgeous addition to my collection. As for my guide, well, she did not get a ring, but I took her for an expensive meal and she seemed happy enough with that.

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