Which Cook Top Should You Select For Your Kitchen?

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Traditionally, the living room is where the family members generally convene, making it the heart of every home. But those were the olden days. In this modern era of nuclear families, the definition and the function of the living room has blurred and the kitchen and dining area serves the purpose of the living room. Good food unites the family. Eating hearty and delicious meals spark discussions. The dining area is more important now, It is the modern homes’ heart and soul.

There is hardly anything that compares to fresh home cooked food and for that a well equipped kitchen and supplies is a must. Let us divert our attention to the humble cooking top. There are mainly 3 kinds of cooking tops, the induction type, electric radiant tops and the gas cook tops. Based on their advantages and disadvantages, you can easily decide on which one is best for your home.

Contemporary gas stove tops, except for cosmetic changes, have remained unchanged for decades. Their efficiency, however, have increased. The most essential consideration when it come to gas stove tops or any cooking top is the number of burners. A standard 4 burner unit should be sufficient for most people. Because gas stove tops are simple in construction, they are very robust and reliable. In case of electrical failures such as a blackout, then you can still cook since you have a gas stove top. Do you have a smaller kitchen space? Then don’t worry because the gas stove tops have smaller sizes too. There are single and double gas stove tops that will be OK for smaller spaces.

For those who are concerned about gas safety or want the push button convenience of electrical appliances, then electric cooktops should suit you fine. Electrically powered cooktops can be classified as radiant heater types and induction types – the popular thermador cooktop is an example of one. The radiant element type cook tops are inherently inefficient and waste a lot of energy. Electric stove tops come in a wide variety of designs. All induction type tops feature a smooth, flat glass or ceramic surface and have electronic controls.

The thermador cooktop, for example, is an induction system that uses magnetic fields to generate heat. One caveat is that induction cooktops work only with ferrous utensils. Induction tops are very efficient at they produce heat directly inside the metal and hence avoid loss of heat due to radiation and convection. These tops are very safe and easy to use. Although you cannot use anything but ferrous cookware with induction cook tops their benefits far outweigh this disadvantage.

Gas Stove Tops mentioned above are all very safe to use and they have different characteristics that you might like. Click here on Electric Cooktops to find out more about these cooking wares.

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