Finding Sunless Tanning Products that Work For You

October 15, 2011 in skin care

Sunless tanning products are becoming more popular as people want the benefits of getting a tan without the dangers of spending too much time in the sun. The choices for sunless tanning are quite varied, and you can find lotions, sprays, towels and other options. You may have to try several types of products to find out which gives you the best tan. We’ll be covering some popular sunless tanning options in this article, and one of these may be just the one for you.

One option for getting a sunless tan is using one of the brands of towelettes that you can easily apply and that give you a tanned appearance quite quickly. These are usually sold as individually wrapped towels that you use once. There are no bottles sprays or lotions to worry about, so you can take these towelettes with you wherever you want. One way these products are used is in the movie industry and by people doing photo shoots or commercials when they have to give someone a tan quickly. This method can give you an even tan that’s not streaky and that gives your skin a moist feel. Since this option is offered by several brands, it’s a good idea to look at online reviews written by customers to find out which works best for people.

By preparing yourself in the right way, you can get more out of any self tanning products that you use. Exfoliation, which means getting rid of dead skin by washing or scrubbing, is something you should always do prior to applying any product. If you do this, you’ll find that the product will give you a better, longer lasting tan.

You should also remember to protect your hands when you use these products by wearing gloves. Sunless tanning products usually don’t irritate the skin, but if you shave right before using one this could cause a problem, so it’s best not to do this. In addition to these suggestions, you should read the specific instructions that come with any product you’re using.

When you choose a sunless tanning lotion, it’s important to pick one that’s right for your skin type. The majority of lotions, for example, are made for skin that’s either light, dark or medium. Fair skinned people need to pick the “light” variety of tanning products. Dark is for those whose skin is naturally darker, though if your skin is very dark you may not need any product at all! “Medium” is appropriate if the tone of your skin is not especially dark or light. When you’re experience using these products, you may narrow it down even further; perhaps, for example, medium-dark is the ideal choice for you. So always read the label carefully to make sure you ‘re picking the product that’s right for you.

Now you know how many possible choices you have for getting a tan from the safety of your own home. Whether you want a quick, temporary tan or a long term one, there are many possible products and solutions available. Be sure that you read the labels and follow the instructions so that you use these products safely and get the optimum results from them.

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