Hair Removal Techniques Have Grown

September 30, 2011 in beauty

What we think of as attractive has changed throughout time considerably and will, invariably, continue to change. The waist cinching corsets and multitudes of undergarments that were fashionable in Victorian times would looks exceptionally out of place in today’s society. Beyond fashion, personal embellishments and aesthetics, like hair removal have existed throughout human culture. The standards today, when it comes to body hair, seem to be the less the better.

The most common form of removal is shaving, but keeping up with it is easier for some than others and this is related to ethnicity. Not wanting to deal with a constant daily shaving, many women are turning to procedures that give results lasting weeks to years.

Waxing has grown in popularity, especially for use around the genitals since hair regrowth is slowed and it can prevent ingrown hairs, which can be an issue in this area. For women who go the extra mile in terms of removal to include their upper and forearms, waxing is a good alternative since it only has to be done once a month.

What stops too many women from going and getting full body waxing, is the pain. This is why more permanent solutions have gained ground.

Its popularity stems from the fact that the cost has markedly decreased over time. This is related to the fact that the technology has gotten better and cheaper to manufacture. The two most popular forms are laser hair removal and IPL or intense pulsed light.

Two of the most popular procedures are laser hair removal and IPL, also known as intense pulse light. While they are both not lasers, their common denominator relates to the fact that they both use lights that are absorbed by follicles which causes them to heat up and destroy the strand within.

This increase in using lasers and light does come with some issues. Lighter pigmented hair, such as blond, grey, or red strands don’t respond to these treatments. As for issues of pain or discomfort, those vary on a person to person basis, but there are numbing creams that can be applied beforehand.

Luckily, most medical centers will allow you to come in and perform a free spot check to test how you’ll react to these treatments. Once you’ve locked in your appointments, the amount will vary on how coarse your hair is and how it responds to the treatments.

Many different clinics will allow you to come in and do a spot treatment as an indication of how well your follicles react. Another difference is that lasers were invented specifically for follicle removal and IPL’s ability to cause loss was a side effect of its use for skin issues.

When dealing with the particular issue of body hair, many women want to just go forth and get rid of it all permanently. As of yet, getting permanence isn’t possible for everyone, but you will be free of having to do any maintenance after a laser or IPL treatment regimen for many years to come.

Making the choice to become hair free shouldn’t be dictated by the personal beauty standards of culture today. Going through these appointments should be a personal choice, but luckily, most women would love to get rid of their pesky body hairs.

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