Why You Should Put Oxford In Your Uk Itinerary

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South England has Oxford to brag about.Its primarily popular because of the University of Oxford and has great English architecture to offer to its tourists.In relation to the architecture of the University, the city later was referred to as “City of Spires.”

The Oxford University is regarded as among the best in the world and many bright minds converge in this hall of academic excellence.But Oxford is more than a place of higher learning.There are many places to visit aside from the university. Here are the top places:

Radcliffe Camera

It shows the popular circular library design of the English.It stands two stories high with gothic architecture and great pillars to support it.

Pitt Rivers Museum

This is one of the most popular attractions with exhibits from many collections from different cultures of the world both past and present.

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

This offers a great experience with modern technology.It is a very attractive place with all of the interactive exhibits that it offers.

Bodleian Library

This library is known as the masterpiece of English Gothic Architecture.It is among the oldest of the libraries in Europe.It is the research library of the University of Oxford. Knowing where to go in Oxford means you need to know which Oxford hotels to go to.Here are the top hotels in Oxford.

Macdonald Randolph Hotel

The hotel is opposite of the Ashmolean and is located right at the middle of Oxford.Great lovely bedrooms with an incomparable luxury spa is what the hotel primarily brags.The restaurant offers world class cuisine and a high society bar.The spa offers a candlelit walkway with aesthetically pleasing treatment rooms.

Cotswold Lodge Classic Hotel

The Cotswold has a country-manor style that offers elegant world class service right at the city center.It offers great meals and breakfast from its kitchen.The bread and breakfast meal it offers is incomparable.

Great service and amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are what most Oxford hotels offer.Take your pick wisely in which among the hotels in Oxford you would love to stay into.

Oxford has a lot more to offer than higher learning.It has a lot of tourist destinations to enjoy your holidays.To learn about the best hotels in Oxford and which oxford hotel to go to, click here.For more information on Oxford hotels click here.

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