Underfloor Heating – An Old Concept Made Practical With Today’s Technology

September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

In ancient times, subterranean dwellings were heated by underfloor heating which consisted of channels which could be filled with smoke. Today, research and development has made this sort of climate control feasible for modern businesses and homes.

Heating the floor of a building makes use of the several ways heat is transferred. Radiant heat, which is judged to be the most comfortable for people, provides most of the warmth. Convection heats the air and surfaces of the living space, and conduction makes the floor comfortably warm to your feet.

Electric underfloor heating is designed with a series of cables or a mesh of wires and is fairly simple to install and operate. Otherwise fluid-filled pipes are used, with hot liquid being sent from a boiler through a grid of pipes. This kind of system is more complicated, with gauges and controls. Both kinds can be laid under individual rooms or entire structures.

Under tile heating can make chilly materials pleasant to walk on in all seasons of the year, working for concrete, stone, and slate floors as well. This type of heating and cooling does not rely on forced air and is therefore ideal for those who have allergies. Molds and bacteria do not flourish on hard surfaces as they do in carpets, and problems caused by dust mites are greatly reduced.

The technology, which was tried in homes after World War II without great success, was used more successfully in commercial buildings. Huge buildings could be heated by large plants with centralized controls which were too heavy-duty for the average home.

Underfloor heating, when properly designed, installed, and maintained, is a long-tern and practical solution to today’s climate control needs in both commercial and residential buildings and for either new construction or remodeling.

Electric Underfloor Heating is a common way to heat the home in many parts of Europe that suffer from cold winters. It is cost effective and can heat the home for hours through passive heat stored in the materials. For more information visit the U heat web site.

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