Finding Decision-Making Tool to Choose Your Real Estate Brokerage

September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whenever you are deciding upon your genuine estate brokerage, have a look at this ranking tool I’ve produced to identify your values, objectives and intentions. It genuinely breaks down the decision-making procedure into an uncomplicated, step-by-step procedure.

I call this procedure a “wheel” and it might be drawn to appear like a bicycle tire with spokes.

Here’s what you do to obtain clearer on your alternatives for actual estate brokerages, whenever you are prepared to opt for exactly where you wish to hang your license, or wish to create a alter.

Write down what indicates probably the most to you. Commission split? Superior folks? Location? Brand recognition?

Then, give every location a set of points maximum. The total ought to add as much as 100. Now, fill in points for every region with distinct brokerages.

I’ll share an example for the modest flat-rate Genuine Estate eBroker, the larger Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, plus a fourth solution to function having a organization associate in her own smaller but mighty brokerage.

These alternatives far more closely mirror my values. You wish to factor within your own numbers, your personal selections for brokerages, and your personal desired small business model into the equation that fits you.

1. Top quality of broker = 15

2. Top quality of brand, recognition by my customers = 10

3. Access of broker when I require assist, can I reach them? =20

4. Commission split, monthly fees low or none = 15

5. Location of workplace (close, commute is brief) = 10

6. Superior people today = 20 (how good are other agents, how good may be the admin staff, how responsive are the staff to my requests, how superior does it really feel to get in touch with or go inside the workplace)

7. Overall gut feeling of option = 10

Now, produce your personal wheel. Now, I began with excellent of broker as 20 or 20 percent but then I wanted to add the last line, an overall “how does it feel” line. So I had to take from other lines simply because when the sum is 100, it is easiest to see how your alternatives rank up.

Now, make a chart of one’s own broker possibilities.

Let’s say I’ve 4 possibilities. I’m going to spell them out in a line-by-line format, however it is significantly less difficult to do this in a chart or wheel.

Here are a sampling of options once again: KW — CB — REeBroker — Friend

1. 15 — 10 — 4 — 3 — 5 — 15 — 5 = sum total = 57

2. 10 — 10 — 2 — 10 — 10 — 0 = sum total for the tiny workplace nearest to my zip code = 52

3. 15 — 2 — 20 — 15 — 2 — 20 — 8 = sum total of RE eBroker, a flat rate California brokerage = 82

4. 15 — 1 — 15 — 15 — 7 — 20 — 5 = friend’s brokerage = 76

So, there you go. I’ve been thinking about going back to ReEbroker, and it looks like that’s exactly where my wheel is sending me.

This procedure is really a incredibly cool tool regardless of whether that you are deciding on brokerages, summer selections for your youngsters, or job opportunities. When I’m seeking at opportunities, I like to separate out my emotions from the facts of the scenario. Then I like to put my emotions back into the equation if there’s a close tie or determining factor necessary.

Take your time creating your selection of brokerage, due to the fact your selections will influence your skilled outcomes for years to come.

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