Helpful Information About The Types Of Hairdressers Scissors

September 12, 2011 in beauty

Hairdressers scissors or haircutting shears are specially designed for trimming and cutting hair, and are central to the job of a hairdresser. It is essential that one has high quality haircutting shears when running or working in a salon. Although good quality shears can become quite expensive, a good pair can last for a few years and will not need to be sharpened often, even when used frequently.

Any hairdresser will likely use a variety of different types depending on the techniques being used at the time. The different kinds of shears are designed for different functions and should be used for the intended purpose. Personal preference also plays a large role in choosing the right pair, though. Every experienced hairdresser will usually have at least a good quality pair of standard shears, as well as a texturizer and a thinner. These are both used predominantly for thinning out hair, but texturizers also help to create finish and style while cutting.

There are two main types of blade that are generally used, namely bevelled edge and convex blades. The choice between these will depend on a number of factors such as budget, personal preference and level of skill.

Bevelled edge blades are made from a mixture of different metals and are therefore usually quite lightweight. Convex blades are the sharpest type and can be used for all cutting techniques. These are best suited to more experience hairdressers, however.

They differ greatly with regards to the types of handles. The level or even handle is a main type which has two symmetrical handles in a basic design. An offset handle type, however, is designed so that one handle is longer and thereby allows the hairdresser to hold a more open hand position with the elbow also not as high, which is more comfortable for most people.

Similar to offset handles are crane handle. The difference is that the top handle is straighter. Other handle designs are also available, so each hairdresser will usually buy the style and make of scissors that he or she prefers working with.

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