Understanding Outdoor And Salon Tanning

September 11, 2011 in beauty products

With media and local advertising, people are bombarded with images of caramel blended complexions. Most travel to the beach and other areas to obtain it. Because of this, thousand of people are using salon tanning, using spray tanners and other methods.

The most active bodily organ is the skin. The skin is composed of complex outer and inner layers. The Epidermis is the outer layer and the Dermis is the inner layer. More and more statistics show the relationship between these two layers, skin cancer and sunlight.

Though sun light is good for the overall health of our bodies, the lack of moderation can prove critical. Skin tans or burning is considered a natural reaction caused by Melanin and UV rays. Melanin is known as a protector of cells and works to absorb harmful UV rays to prevent its effect on bodily cells.

Most are unaware of the different types of UV rays. Many believe that all UV rays are harmful. Contrary to popular belief, UVA rays are good rays responsible for beautiful tans, while UVB rays consumed in access are responsible for skin burns.

There are various methods, including the use of the great outdoors. Daily sunlight exposure ensures an adequate consumption of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important nutrient. Using indoor tanning stations will not provide individuals with this.

Local salon visits are also an option. Most salons have required limits pre-set for time consumption. Also, many promote the fact that their company only provides UVA rays that helps to reduce the chance of skin burns. Through this, they advertise that their establishment is the safest for customers.

From childhood, children are taught to take pride in their appearance and maintain good hygiene. With this also comes and increasing amount of self consciousness due to daily media images. Through television, advertisements, movies and magazines, citizens are able to covet the appearance of Hollywood stars. Now they are also able to obtain that perfect tan through various techniques, such as salon tanning, spray tanners and outside exposure.

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