Improvements In The Way Laser Hair Removal Is Done

August 28, 2011 in beauty

New age innovations make it possible for people of all skin colors to enjoy the benefits of cutaneous laser surgery treatments. Post inflammatory pigmentary alterations not to mention scarring are common amongst dark skinned people who have been unlucky enough to become exposed to unwanted laser beams. Because of modern technology, lasers are now equipped with longer pulse duration settings and their longer wavelengths make procedures effective for those with dark skin.

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, the kind of laser that will be used for the treatment will always have a long pulse duration. For any patient that wants to undergo such a procedure, they are often told that they need more than one treatment for everything to work.

Prior to the following session, experts tell their patients to wait for the hair to grow back a little and the time in between differs among patients. There is a month long preparation that comes with this kind of procedure and aside from having to use sunblock, you also cannot do any waxing. In some instances, pseudo folliculitis from PIH hyperpigmentation cannot be avoided and if this is the case, your best solution will be the use of bleaching cream.

For hair that is not only darker in hue but coarse as well, it is possible for the treatment to be painful. In order to make things easier for this patient, the doctor uses lidocaine and tetracaine that has been mixed into a topical anesthetic. Here, another tool that the doctor uses is responsible for the cool down effect. Erythema is something that you need to control after a treatment is done and over with hence the need for a topical corticosteroid cream. Apart from cool compresses, you also have to resort to sunblock usage in this case.

Tans and darker skin tones can cause people to experience erythema for more than the usual two days that it takes people to be done and over with when it comes to this. For laser procedures, scarring remains to be a risk even with modern innovations in the field and this is why the patients have to know about it.

When hair keeps on growing after the treatment, hyperandrogenism might be existent. Numerous problems like dyschromias and wrinkles can be treated with photothermolysis but this will be effective if you do not have dark hair. If you have problems involving scars, this is something that you really have to consider.

For this kind of procedure, expect some discomfort and this is why a topical anesthetic is used not to mention a cooling device. Patients normally fight with erythema, edema, and xerosis after a procedure like this. Most of the time, patients deal with acneiform, PIH, and HSV. What is normally absent in line with this procedure is post inflammatory hypopigmentation. Possessing a dark skin tone means that you need to be more careful here.

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