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Provillus for Women Review: Works Wonders For Female Pattern Baldness

August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello All! Sarah Shane Here.

If you are like me, you are probably suffering from thinning of the hair, or female pattern baldness. I know how it feels – it’s almost like your youth is slipping away from you more and more each day. Like 1 out of 4 women who experience hair loss, I have tried just about everything – from miracle cures to consulting a hair transplant clinic.

provillus_boxes_and_prods-womensAfter trying many different solutions that didn’t work for me – I was just about ready to give up. I started talking about hairloss with a close friend of mine who suggested I check out something called Provillus she had heard an advertisement for.

Very skeptical at first…

I was highly skeptical at first because I have tried so many different products I just figured it was another wonder cocktail that did nothing. To my surprise, the approach was different – they give you a topical solution and a pill that you take each day. After trying it for 2 weeks, I had noticed no results.

But then something started to happen

On the 2nd day of my third week, I was beginning to think Provillus was just another one of those scam products – I told myself if nothing happens after 3 weeks I’m going to stop using it and get a refund. On my third week I noticed something was different – my hair seemed a little bit thicker. After closer inspection, I noticed that I had the beginnings of what looked like hair growth – you have no idea how excited I was!

2 months later…

Two months later and I now have a significant improvement in my thinning hair. Most of the bare spots are now covered – and it even seems like it can only get better from here. Provillus is truely the best thing I have found so far – and it actually works! I highly recommend you give Provillus for Women a try here. It comes with a complete money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

For those suffering from thinning hair, don’t lose hope. There are always new treatments coming out, and the FDA approved Provillus is one that really does do what it claims.

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