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Are you a woman with thinning hair? This could be why you are losing hair.

July 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Are You A Woman With Thinning Hair? This Could be Why.

Do you notice that when you brush your hair each day you seem to have more hair falling out and in the brush than in earlier years? Do you have to tighten your pony tail more than you used to? This is very common in women in their forties.

The most common reason for hair loss in women is alopecia. This is simply female pattern baldness that is in your genes from either your mother or father or both. This cannot be reversed, but there are several treatments available. Other underlying factors of female hair loss can be stress-related. This can be from depression stemming from a death in the family, or from excessive worry about finances. Rapid weight gain or loss can also cause loss of hair, as hormonal imbalances due to menopause or pregnancy. Strict diets will cause the same symptoms if not properly balanced with a healthy vitamin regimen.

Sometimes it can be temporary hair loss.

In the case of strict dieting and gaining or losing weight quickly, the easiest thing to try first is added doses of vitamin A. There are also many conditioners, shampoos and other hair products that contain volumizing products. These may thicken hair follicles so that your hair appears fuller. Many women have their hair stylist choose a new style for them. Salon owners and beauty supply stores see this in women all the time and it isn’t embarrassing to ask them for help, in fact it is so common that they will have a product or style that has been suggested to many others for the same treatment. In cases of extreme baldness, there are approved effective medications as Rogaine that are available. Hair implants are also a solution which may women choose.

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